Our Mission

The mission of the Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. is to provide financial assistance to men and women in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who are under-served, uninsured, or otherwise have insufficient financial means after being diagnosed with breast cancer; and to educate the community on the value of early detection. With early detection, and advanced treatment, women can survive breast cancer and lead full, productive lives.

We are survivors and conquerors, and together we are the Helping Hand in the Community.


Apply For Assistance

Finding a cure for breast cancer and helping to educate takes time and the concerted efforts of thousands of people. People like you. Recognizing the growing impact of breast cancer and the shared challenge, we must all be active in the battle to fight this disease. Women are dying of breast cancer because of limited resources. This is unacceptable.


The Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. Board of Directors has developed a screening process for identifying individuals eligible to receive financial assistance, and consults with hospitals and other organizations to locate individuals who need funding assistance.

Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. participates in seminars and programs to raise awareness about breast cancer and the need for early detection.

Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. is a non-profit foundation, a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.