Donna Smith-Tobias As of February 8, 2018 Diagnosed Cancer Free

To Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. for their support. The grant I received was truly a blessing. When approved I was excited. A heavy weight on my shoulders had been lightened. This breast cancer journey came at an unexpected time. I lost my job in March of 2017 and months later was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, unprepared for either. Why me? Why me? I asked myself over and over. Depression soon had no trouble filtering into my life as well. I looked to the Lord for my strength and guidance. My faith grows stronger with each passing day. I was given direction. I reached out to many organizations for help and many of them told me of the past due deadlines. A friend directed me to For 3 Sisters and I began my communication with Shannon Moneymaker who has been a God send. On my behalf she contacted Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc., I am so grateful that the Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. stepped in to assist by paying my rent. I have no income and to this date I still do not know where my next dollar will come from. The money received from Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc. was well appreciated. In the beginning I thought I was going through this cancer journey alone. My spirit reminds me that God is a higher power and He will direct my path. I've shard with my family and friends the support I received from Hopkins Brest Caner Inc. Each one of them would like to give their heartfelt thanks too. I am looking forward to saying I am a 2,3,4 year cancer survivor.